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Being sick for so long with Lyme disease has taken its toll on my body. I have developed a bunch of food sensitives and have to be mindful not to feed the Lyme bacteria and its buddy co-infections. Taking over 35 medications and supplements a day, I need to look for something easy on my stomach & pocket book.Product ContentI have always been a smoothie girl, so I started back making my own. I received my free trial after signing up at and I must say, I am beyond pleased – the companies values and standards are top notch!Sustainability
What The Company Cares AboutAfter signing up as a skeptic, I received my free trial and was blown away by the companies transparency with marketing. Yes, I had to give them a credit card number – but they emailed me when my full size samples arrived to notify me my free 7 day trial had begun. The instructions were crystal clear that not only was it okay to change my mind; they provided the directions on how to cancel at ANY time. The web site is user friendly and very straight forward. This is from the web site: Though you can always place a one-time order of any product without being enrolled in a subscription plan, you can also modify your subscription to include new products as well. Easily update preferences on your subscription page or feel free to reach out to our Care Team for assistance via or over the phone at 1.866.850.4585, Monday – Thursday 10AM – 9PM EST or Friday 10AM – 8PM EST.SustainabilityGet $20 off your first purchase when you use the code MELODY54 during checkout!


About Lyme Lives EveryWhere

Angola Inmate Hospice volunteers taught me to trust God and the power of forgiveness. I have always been fascinated by how people 'discover' their gifts/callings. As a coping mechanism for a complicated home life; I liked to run outdoors regardless the weather. After University my running was curtailed due to mystery ailments that would flare up on-and-off for decades. Intuitively, I have been soaking in epsom salt baths ever since I became a runner. Perhaps that is what kept my immune system functioning for so long. In 2005, my mystery ailments returned. After a decade of suffering and symptom flare ups, I was told by health care practitioners to learn to live with what was ailing me. In 2013, my immune system shut down and resulted in a health crisis; ultimately saving my life. Tired of being sick and tired, by divine intervention I found an amazing advocate in Dr. Amanda Lea; an osteopathic physician in Zachary Louisiana. Two days before I found her, a friend put me on her church prayer list as I searched for answers. Dr. Lea was setting up a new practice and worked me in the day after the prayer chain started. She listened to my health history uninterrupted for 45 minutes. After my diagnosis, I went to see a Lyme experienced MD, the head of infectious disease at a large hospital in New Orleans. She opened the office door, walked in and proclaimed that "Lyme disease does not exist in Louisiana". That day my passion for Lyme awareness, education and advocacy was revealed to me.
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