Book Review: Be The People, Carol M. Swain’s book “A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith & Promise”

Where to start? Being a transplanted Canadian typically not interested in reading about history, politics and religion this was far from my typical reading material on death and dying (I’m a nurse) and took conviction on my part to read but was worth every moment of my time.

In my humble opinion, Ms.Swains book is a must read for every resident of the United States and any one interested in the roots and cornerstone of ‘American patriotism’ such as ‘morality, virtue, values and principles’ which are not merely a result of the constitution but also entwined with appreciation to God for his gifts and mercy. Her writing serves as a wake up call because it is time to remove the veil of shame that currently blankets Christianity  and is threatening to fracture the United States of America.  She reminds Americans that it is time to rediscover and stand fast in the Countries Christian roots by providing insights guiding the reader to see beyond the triggers used by the media; politicians and free mongers to sell the anti-Christian/anti-American polarizing agenda.
Life is about choices and Ms. Swain reminds us in her final chapter that we can no longer overlook the impact our choices are having on the Country.   It is time to turn our attention to God and studying his word for guidance as we then look inward to process His word and internalize His message of morality; ethics; virtue and values.  Then and only then can we can reach out to reclaim what makes America unique, its deep Christian roots.
Thank you Ms. Swain for speaking your truth.

About Lyme Lives EveryWhere

Angola Inmate Hospice volunteers taught me to trust God and the power of forgiveness. I have always been fascinated by how people 'discover' their gifts/callings. As a coping mechanism for a complicated home life; I liked to run outdoors regardless the weather. After University my running was curtailed due to mystery ailments that would flare up on-and-off for decades. Intuitively, I have been soaking in epsom salt baths ever since I became a runner. Perhaps that is what kept my immune system functioning for so long. In 2005, my mystery ailments returned. After a decade of suffering and symptom flare ups, I was told by health care practitioners to learn to live with what was ailing me. In 2013, my immune system shut down and resulted in a health crisis; ultimately saving my life. Tired of being sick and tired, by divine intervention I found an amazing advocate in Dr. Amanda Lea; an osteopathic physician in Zachary Louisiana. Two days before I found her, a friend put me on her church prayer list as I searched for answers. Dr. Lea was setting up a new practice and worked me in the day after the prayer chain started. She listened to my health history uninterrupted for 45 minutes. After my diagnosis, I went to see a Lyme experienced MD, the head of infectious disease at a large hospital in New Orleans. She opened the office door, walked in and proclaimed that "Lyme disease does not exist in Louisiana". That day my passion for Lyme awareness, education and advocacy was revealed to me.
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