Follow your heart? Not anymore, I’m turning towards the Son.

Do you notice trends in your life?

How many times have you been at a cross roads and heard the phrase “Follow our heart? I cannot be the only person who has sought advice from a parent, friend, or mentor to hear “Follow your heart”? Have you ever noticed that your heart does not always know whats best and that sometimes your heart can lead you astray from God’s intended purpose for your life?

Oh the number of times I have rationalized my life’s choices with “I’m following my heart”, only to look back at my decisions and discover the times I followed my heart I was overriding my inner voice.

Have you noticed what happens when you override your inner voice?  Have you rationalized your choices to take the path you thought would get you to your destination?  Have you noticed, each time you tried to side step a lesson it reappeared in one form or another and most often the consequences escalated too?

While at the She Speaks 2011 women’s conference a phrase kept crossing my path, everyone was talking about “Finding your Tag Line”.  Before arriving at She Speaks, I did not even know what a tag line was and after hearing about it in two break out sessions I finally turned to technology and googled it.  From my quick Wikipedia check, I learned that a tag line was a form of product branding with the goal of enticing an audience.

Then I heard Mary DeMuth’s and her message about ‘Tag Lines’ continues to resonating within me.  Mary’s breakout session was “La, la, la, la. Find Your {Voice}” and like the other one hundred plus women in the room I felt as if Mary was speaking directly to me during her entire discussion.  Like obedient catholic school children our eyes were fixed on her as she explained how the recent changes to her ow tag line evolved.  She explained that tag line’s need to be revisited and revised, that words evoke emotion and have power. Imagine my delight when she shared that tag lines are the unique expression of our inner voice.  She also reminded us that life is not static so be careful not to define ourselves by the past, but how important it is to integrate our past into our future.

For as long as I can remember (from my past)  I have been attracted to Sunflowers.

Following the Sun.

It was love at first sight.  Stems standing at attention like royal guards in front of Buckingham palace; bright and bold heads ranging in size from a teacup saucer to the size of an oversized dinner plate; velvet centers that provide nectar and seeds and delicate young leaves and buds that turn from east to west during the day following the sun across the sky? As I seek out and learn how to listen and reveal my unique voice, my tag line remains a work in progress, but you can bet it and my future will involve the Holy Spirit as I turn towards and follow the Son.

It would be great if you would take a moment and share a comment regarding following your heart. Thanks for stopping by, Melody


About Lyme Lives EveryWhere

Angola Inmate Hospice volunteers taught me to trust God and the power of forgiveness. I have always been fascinated by how people 'discover' their gifts/callings. As a coping mechanism for a complicated home life; I liked to run outdoors regardless the weather. After University my running was curtailed due to mystery ailments that would flare up on-and-off for decades. Intuitively, I have been soaking in epsom salt baths ever since I became a runner. Perhaps that is what kept my immune system functioning for so long. In 2005, my mystery ailments returned. After a decade of suffering and symptom flare ups, I was told by health care practitioners to learn to live with what was ailing me. In 2013, my immune system shut down and resulted in a health crisis; ultimately saving my life. Tired of being sick and tired, by divine intervention I found an amazing advocate in Dr. Amanda Lea; an osteopathic physician in Zachary Louisiana. Two days before I found her, a friend put me on her church prayer list as I searched for answers. Dr. Lea was setting up a new practice and worked me in the day after the prayer chain started. She listened to my health history uninterrupted for 45 minutes. After my diagnosis, I went to see a Lyme experienced MD, the head of infectious disease at a large hospital in New Orleans. She opened the office door, walked in and proclaimed that "Lyme disease does not exist in Louisiana". That day my passion for Lyme awareness, education and advocacy was revealed to me.
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